Editors' pick: Originally published July 29.

How much cheaper is it really to live abroad?

Moving abroad has gone from moving abroad has gone from a niche adventure for grown men who still pull off cargo shorts to a realistic option for just about anyone. With more and more careers going location independent, increasingly you don't have to choose between being productive member of society or some dude who lives on a beach in Argentina.

You can have both.

A lot of this movement is driven by costs of living. For Americans who get paid in dollars it's often cheaper to live abroad. So much so that it has spawned entirely new careers and business models that could never exist at home. In cities like Bangkok, the expat communities are filled with Internet workers living happily on salaries that would bankrupt them back home.

Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, an increasingly healthy cohort of retirees are looking at those $1,341 Social Security checks and realizing how much further they'd go in Delhi.

Yet while American expats can save quite a bit of money by moving to the right countries, that doesn't mean life is cheaper across the board. Moving overseas actually can come with quite a few unexpected expenses. Adventurers and expats-to-be alike would do well to prepare for things like...