With excitement building for the upcoming release of the next movie in December, Star Wars fans have no shortage of galactic style merchandise to help them celebrate.

From Darth Vader credit cards to stormtrooper wine stoppers, Star Wars paraphernalia can easily have a role in nearly all aspects of life, from your wallet to your kitchen, as Disney rolls out the movie's marketing campaign. The studio released a full-length trailer Oct. 19.

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, starring Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher among others, is scheduled for release Dec. 18 and will be the first film in the third Star Wars trilogy since Walt Disney (DIS) - Get Report acquired Lucasfilm in 2012.

Disney is already banking on consumer demand for Star Wars everything with plans underway for its largest, single-theme land expansions ever with 14-acres of Star Wars attractions in both Disneyland California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The $2-billion projects have no set timelines as of yet.

But if you can't wait to get to a Disney theme park gift shop for your Star Wars fix, here are 10 top must-have Star Wars items you can find online:

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Darth Vader Showerheads

Cost: $29.99 (Vader), $24.99 (R2-D2)

Star Wars fans who can't stand the thought of being alone without some kind of Star Wars gear in sight can rest assured they can bring their love of galaxy wars wars even to the shower.

These shower heads with three different spray settings from Bed Bath & Beyond will let you "bathe in Vader's tears." They also come in an R2-D2 model, both for $24.99.

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Death Star Soap

Cost: $5

While you're washing with Darth Vader's tears through your Star Wars showerhead, you can ensure that the Death Star is not far away -- in the form of soap.

This Aloe-Vera-based soap, with an ocean breeze scent, includes mineral powder to make the Death Star look more realistically iridescent.

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Star Wars Headphones

Cost: $179.95

Headphone companies like Beats, Harman and SMS are in their own galactic fight for consumers' attention and SMS is taking the battle up a notch with their Star Wars-branded headphones, called Star Wars: Second Edition.

SMSfirst unveiled the headphones -- which come in Tie Fighter, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and Chewbacca -- at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Buy SMS Star Wars headphones on Amazon here.

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"Force" Forks

Cost: $11.95 Per Fork

One Etsy shop has brought a subtle, clever twist on the famous "May the Force Be With You" line to their line of kitchen utensils.

Star Wars fans can enjoy their meals with a tiny, fortune-cookie-like encouragement to "Let the fork be with you" in the form of a hand-stamp engraving. Because if you can't have the Force, a fork full of food is the next best thing.

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Wood Carved Millennium Falcon Platter

Cost: $385

Use your "Fork is with you" forks with one of the more unique Star Wars-themed items in kitchenware -- a wood carved Millennium Falcon platter.

But because this roughly two-inch thick "Milleni-YUM" platter is custom made to order with a variety of woods, allow four to six weeks to ship.

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Dark Side Car Charger

Cost: $19.99

Star Wars fans getting energized for the Star Wars VII release will want to make sure their phones stay energized, too. Of course, a stylish Darth Vader charger is a must-have.

Sold by Think Geek, the Darth Vader charger is compatible with any USB, but beware the power of the Dark Side.

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Baby R2-D2 Outfit

Cost: $23.83

Star Wars-loving parents who want to pass their enthusiasm on to their offspring can find a slew of themed outfits like this R2-D2 onesie.

The handmade Artoo cotton outfit is made-to-order with a silk screening type of process. It even comes with a little infant cap.

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Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover

Cost: $20

Speaking of Star Wars decor for your car, don't miss these Chewbacca seatbelt covers to "set your geeky ride apart from the rest." Handmade from faux fur, these seatbelts say you prioritize a love of safety along with your love of spacecraft.

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Stormtrooper Chair

Cost: $169.00

For outdoor living, this Stormtrooper Wooden Lawn Chair would make any Star Wars fan proud. It's handmade with all-wood construction with fine attention to artistic detailing. No other Adirondack-style seating would do for true Empire loyalists.

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Remote Control Millennium Falcon

Cost: $119

Finally, Air Hogs Star Wars remote control Millennium Falcon Quad is perhaps the ultimate in Star Wars merchandise for its ability to transport your imagination and your control right to your own ship.

The Millennium Falcon uses 4 rotors concealed in the bod of the ship for lift for "space-like flight." You can control the craft from up to 200 feet away.

Buy the Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad on Amazon here.

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