Not every restaurant is crawling over itself to get your business.

In recent years the cutting-edge of dining has moved from dining rooms into the streets, throwing over petty concerns like tablecloths, furniture and plumbing for a food truck scene that's booming pretty much everywhere. It's high time too. Soaring prices and a 60% first-year failure rate have made brick-and-mortar restaurants a very risky business. Ditching that overhead has let a new generation of chefs practice their art, and the results have been exciting.

But the old guard is still there too.

While the upstarts and rock stars have rebuilt the hustle of a Penang rush hour on Fifth Avenue, the elite chefs have kept their knives just as sharp. Working in high end kitchens around the world, these are the guys and girls who'll never hustle for your money or stay open late to squeeze an extra tip. They might stop off for a hot dog at that converted trolley down the street, but they'll eat it while scrolling through a three-month wait list for their Friday night seating.

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Editors' pick: Originally published March 29.