Busy schedules mean quick weekend jaunts that are easy to engineer and even easier to execute. New York City is within striking distance of hundreds of destinations that offer camping, dining, hiking, sunning, and even surfing. Yes, surfing. Even if you don't have a car, you can still have a blast. Here's our list of the 10 best weekend trips you can take to get away from the city.

Nyack, New York

Just across the Hudson River from Sleepy Hollow, immortalized by Washington Irving, the Village of Nyack is truly a gem within easy reach for New Yorkers with a car. You can also take the train-and change at Tarrytown to get across the Hudson River-but blasting up Palisades Parkway in the driver's seat is one of the loveliest summer experiences (so long as you can outwit the weekend traffic). When you get there, The Time Nyack offers an urbane and yet mildly rural respite from the city.

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Housed in a historic former factory turned recording studio, The Time Nyack caters to a lot of different folks, too. Couples and families looking for an escape from the city can enjoy the outdoor lounge and pool deck. Pet owners will be delighted with amenities such as a pet teepee, and signature dog tag, food and water bowl. Even Tesla owners will find a convenient charging station at The Time.

Foodies will relish BV's Grill, which offers seasonal treats in the mode of Bobby Van's Steakhouse (the parent company). The 150-seat restaurant features a diverse menu from traditional steak favorites to seafood and salads -- all utilizing fresh, local ingredients. A big plus is the outdoor dining space, with tables overlooking the pool and lounge.

It's the guest rooms that make The Time Nyack stand out, though. The boho chic vibe in uniquely appointed rooms is about combining materials and textures in unexpected ways (subway tiles and Turkish rugs, for instance). It's also about comfort and connectivity-the rooms are completely wired (with complimentary Wi-Fi, no less) so you can keep abreast of those Monday deliverables before setting out for 18 holes at Blue Hill Golf Course a few miles away.

The Time is also the ideal launch pad for two dozen local excursions. The Edward Hopper House Art Center offers tours-and the restored garden hosts summer jazz concerts. Or, pop over to Riverspace Arts, where the Rockland Symphony Orchestra performs regularly. Walking tours of the downtown area-rich with Romanesque Revival, Colonial Revival, and Victorian buildings-are available throughout the month of June, each focusing on a different aspect of Nyack's storied past.

It's worth talking about food and beverages, though, because let's face it: you go away to get away. And, Nyack's brand of "away" means, among other things, that farm-to-table fare isn't the exception. It's the rule. Liquid lunches and dinners are also an option for city folk, if that's your thing-a number of bars along Main Street range from cozy and quiet to lively (in that casual pub sort of way).

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