If you can hardly see your desk for all the papers that have been accumulating there, this is a great time to get organized.

Of course, if sorting through paperwork was fun, you probably would have done it a long time ago. To start, get rid of clutter to make space for your useful items. The best way to do this is to get rid of the dreaded piles of paper collecting in your drawers and on top of your desk.

We've picked out 10 brilliantly designed products that will make it much easier to turn that mess into a secure, well-functioning, and attractive home office.

Fellowes 79Ci Jam Proof Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

When you start clearing out papers, your top priority should be security. Identity thieves just need one scrap with your Social Security number, date of birth, or other personal information to turn your life into chaos. The Fellowes 79Ci Jam Proof Heavy Duty Paper Shredder functions flawlessly and effectively, with none of the pitfalls you'll find in most home machines.

For one thing, it's truly heavy duty, taking up to 16 sheets a time as well as credit cards, CDs and DVDs. You won't even have to bother removing staples and paper clips as this machine was built to take them too.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about most home shredders is how easily they can jam. This model is 100 percent jam proof, so you won't be struggling to wrestle paper out of the teeth before you can run it again.

The Fellowes 79Ci paper shredder also has two proprietary technologies you'll appreciate. SilentShred ensures virtual silence when it operates. For people with children, SafeSense is especially important because as soon as anyone touches the shredder opening, it automatically stops. Best of all, this shredder cross cuts, providing you with Protection Level 4 security.

Featuring a 6 gallon bin, this shredder is a perfect size for the home office. Other large office-sized shredders can cut more at time, but must take longer to cool down in between shredding sessions. This shredder will shred for up to 20 minutes before a 30-minute cool down period, which we find to be plenty of time to keep a continuous shredding-session going.

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SentrySafe Digital Alarm Fire Safe

Some things -- like legal documents, valuables, treasured photographs and irreplaceable mementos -- need extra protection from catastrophes like theft, fire and flood. In addition to a secure lock that won't open even under impact, this SentrySafe Digital Alarm Fire Safe  is fireproof, water-resistant, and has large bolts to prevent unauthorized access.

The safe has a digital lock with a hidden keypad that only activates with your touch. If anyone enters the wrong code five times, or attempts to open it by force, the very loud alarm will go off.

The alarm will also sound if someone tries to move the safe from its place. For added security, you can bolt the safe to the floor to prevent thieves from carrying it away from your house.

This product will not only protect printed documents and photos -- whatever you have saved in your CDs or flash drives can all be safely stored inside the SentrySafe.

Aside from keeping your valuables safe, you can get everything organized using the interior tray, key rack and door pocket. And don't worry about not finding what you need -- the safe comes with an interior LED light for easy access.

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Sauder Harbor View Lateral File Cabinets

A file cabinet doesn't have to be the office ugly duckling. Here's one you won't have to disguise or hide away in a closet. However, it's not just beautiful; it's smart as well with a multifunctional design that does double duty as a printer stand, with adjustable shelves to store paper and other office supplies.

The inside of the drawer has about 2.6 cubit feet of space for letter, legal or European size hanging files. It also has a key lock on the side for secure storage.

The Sauder Harbor View lateral file cabinet comes in a modern antiqued white finish or a more traditional dark antiqued paint.

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Smead Hanging File Folders

No matter how attractive your new file cabinet is, grim green hanging dividers and maudlin manila folders make you want to shut the drawer and put off filing for another year. Color can change your world, and the bright hues of Smead Hanging Folders with matching Smead File Folders can make filing (almost) fun.

Color coding is also a great way to organize. For example, banking and finance might be green, bills red, medical papers blue, home and car orange, personal files yellow, and so on.

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KINGFOM Multifunctional PU Leather Office Desk Organizer

If you're still keeping your pens in an old, chipped coffee mug, and your desktop is littered with paper clips and other things you want to keep handy, you need a desktop organizer. This efficient design comes in a wide selection of colors, from a serious office darks to hip neons. The PU leather surface is easy to clean. There's a small drawer that's great for stashing paper clips, and the roomy compartments will hold everything from business cards and Post-It pads to a stapler.

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Kollea Cable Clips and Wire Cord Smart Organizer

Now that you've cleared the papers from your desk, it is time to deal with that rat's nest of computer cables and power cords. The Kollea Cable Clips and Wire Cord Smart Organizer will not only keep all those wires looking orderly, they come in bright, modern colors -- lime green, orange, red, white and black. Each clip in this 6-pack can hold three different cords, and the adhesive bottom will stick to any clean, flat surface.

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Safco Products Right-Size Waste Recycling Station

In a small office space, it's hard to accommodate bins for both recycling and regular trash. Combining both into one handy unit is a welcome innovation. These bins have a combined 7-gallon capacity and can be clipped together easily, then separated for emptying.

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Urbio Perch Starter Kit

Here's a clever idea that lets you organize and beautify, all at the same time. This hanging wall system is modular and magnetic, so it can be expanded to accommodate your needs. But, what's really unique is that it's not only a wall organizer, it's also made to be a hanging garden, where you can grow decorative house plants and succulents. The system is made from durable, recyclable materials, which make it a great addition to the eco-conscious office.

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PinPix Decorative Bulletin Board

There are many reasons to hate bulletin boards, such as that ugly tan color and those pockmarks from old pins. Here's one that will totally beautify your space.

This colorful motif has a wonderful air of tranquility, and it's made of self-healing canvas that closes up when pins are removed. If this look doesn't suit your decor, PinPix has many other designs, too, from solid colors and abstract patterns to antique maps. It comes in several different sizes that will work in almost any home office space.

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LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

If you're going to be sorting through papers and documents, a good desk lamp will make the job much easier on your eyes. This model is not only reasonably priced and elegantly designed to fit almost any space, it uses eco-friendly LED light, has a touch-sensitive dimmer, and can last up to 25 years.

There are four lighting modes: reading, studying, relaxation and bedtime, as well as five levels of brightness. The arm can be arched to any angle or completely folded down for easy storage.

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-- Written by Maxine Nunes

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