In case you haven't heard, Amazon (AMZN) - Get ReportPrime Day kicks off early on July 10 before dominating your browser history on July 11. Meaning, your wallet is likely going to look pretty empty come July 12 (Thanks Jeff Bezos).  

To help soften the unavoidable blow of buyer's remorse, consider downsizing ahead of the big day. 

The Infinity Wallet

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The extremely thin Infinity Wallet allows you to carry and organize all of your daily essentials. You'll barely notice it's in your pocket. 

Ikepod Slim Carry Wallet

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If you're trying to show off the money you don't have, this more traditional stitched Italian leather wallet will do the trick. Despite its classic look, you get all the needed functionality of hidden card slots and an easy access pull tab.

Radix One Slim Wallet

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Forget the fabric. This polycarbonate wallet will hold four to ten cards and cash in a style oddly reminiscent of a Back to the Future vision of today's world.

RFID Slim Front Pocket Wallet

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With its leather and thin construction, RFID lets you have the look you want with the convenience you need. The wallet also caters to your inner security nut, featuring military grade shielding technology and proprietary blocking material.

Travelambo Front Pocket Wallet

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When you can count your cards on one hand (me), this wallet makes the perfect accessory for your commute. It also provides RFID blocking technology to protect your minimal assets.

Simpac RFID Blocking Money Clip

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Classy meets functionality. Step up the more traditional money clip game with this ultra-secure RFID blocking wallet.

HUSKK Minimalist Slim Wallet

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Jumbling through transit cards, work IDs and licenses to get to your credit card is probably the most annoying thing since the great dress debate of 2015. The Huskk lets you quickly get to your most-used card with a simple pull of a strap.

Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Card Holder

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If you live the cashless lifestyle, look no further. This card holder has the added benefit of matching your ever-so-trendy backpack, because branding is important.

Serman Brands Minimalist Wallet

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This slim and stylish wallet gives access to up to ten cards plus cash without the pocket-filling bulk of a traditional wallet. 

Andar ID Wallet

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 The Andar makes the perfect wallet for those who want the essentials, nothing more, nothing less. 

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