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Stocks That Could Withstand the 'Big Three' Test

Book value, free cash flow and balance sheet health matter now more than ever.

How confident are you that your portfolio can weather the current stock market storm?

If you're using the "big three metrics" to track down your stocks, chances are, you're pretty confident. That's because those three metrics --

book value


free cash flow


balance sheet health

-- play a big role in determining just how long a company can stay afloat in rough waters. Stocks with the big three have little debt, plenty of cash to make up for recession sales slumps and aren't overpriced.

Think that finding a company that meets those criteria is impossible in this market? Think again.

Stockpickr has created a portfolio of potentially recession-proof stocks that fit the "big three metric" mold, including

The Kyocera Corporation

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Marvell Technology Group



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