The Dow opened the day down triple digits while the Nasdaq and S&P also traded lower.

Stocks fell across the board Friday in an abbreviated post-Thanksgiving trading session, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling for the fourth consecutive session. 

The Nasdaq is pushing further into correction territory as markets add to their year-to-date losses. The major indices started trading in the red for the year this week after spending most of 2018 in positive territory. 

The Dow fell .73%, or 179 points to 24,286, while the S&P 500 declined .66%, and the Nasdaq falling .48%

Some of the stocks that jumped during Wednesday's session are losing ground on Friday.

Shares of Foot Locker Inc. (FL - Get Report) jumped nearly 15% during Wednesday's session following the release of the shoe retailer's latest earnings results, bbut the stock closed Friday's session flat. 

Shares of beleaguered social media company Snap Inc. (SNAP - Get Report)  fell 2.2% on Friday after rising more than 4% Wednesday on reports that the company was making it easier for businesses to create augmented reality lenses designed for the site.

General Electric Co. (GE - Get Report) was also declining Friday after getting a small reprieve Wednesday on reports that the company has set up $41 billion in credit lines from dozens of banks. GE shares fell 3.2%.

The slide downward came after a post-Thanksgiving slump in pre-market trading that followed an underwhelming opening.

Though technology is expected to sell big on Black Friday, tech giants short circuited: Apple Inc. (AAPL - Get Report) was down 2.54% to $172.29; Facebook (FB - Get Report) was down 2.29% to $131.73 and Intel (INTC - Get Report) and Microsoft (MSFT - Get Report) also slumped.

Retailers were a mixed bag, with Target (TGT - Get Report) down 2.83% to $67.35 and Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) falling by nearly 1% to $1,502.06, but Walmart (WMT - Get Report) up nearly 1% to $95.10 and eBay (EBAY - Get Report) up more than .35% to $28.44.

The energy sector is facing downward pressure Friday with global benchmark Brent crude futures contracts declining 4.55% to $59.75 per barrel while U.S. benchmark West Texas crude declining 6.28% to $51.20 per barrel.

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