Trading Strategies for 2020: CME Group

Here are your trading strategies for stocks, energy and metals, according to experts at CME Group.
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With stocks rising against unexciting Wall Street calls, energy prices expected to be muted and metals offering safety in 2020, here's a few words of advice on each from CME Group.


Here's the advice of Scott Bauer, founder and CEO of Prosper Trading Academy:

In S&P 500 futures contracts, "I'm going out to March options. I'm looking to buy the 3,200 call above and sell the 3,300 put below. So buy call, sell put. The reason I'm choosing those strikes -- first off, to the downside, it's because that 3,300 level that we hit a couple times [in] July and September before we broke out, that was resistance, that should technically be really good support. If someone's looking to get long in this marketplace, that's a real opportunistic spot." 


On oil and the Iran conflict, here are impressions from Bob Iaccino, co-founder and chief market strategist at Path Trading Partners: "From my perspective, crude oil tends to peak somewhere around December, late December, and then falls off a little bit, just to ramp back up for summer-blend gasoline. For me, anywhere in that $51, $52 range or anywhere below that, those to me are buys. The way that I do it - I trade a lot of mini crude oil's, myself."

Foreign Exchange and Metals:

Here's the outlook on metals from Kathy Lien, managing partner at BK Asset Management: "Gold can continue to rise. One of the main reasons that gold has appreciated is because of all of the political uncertainty across the globe. That's going to be something everyone has to grapple with in 2020. Gold tends to perform well when we have an environment of political uncertainty, low inflation as well as low yields."

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