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Stockpickr Lists: Cypress Bioscience

The biopharmaceutical company's shares nearly doubled after a successful study and an upgrade.

Editor's Note: In this feature from Stockpickr , we highlight lists of stocks that have made new highs, lows or seen other unusual activity.

Biggest % Gainers:

Cypress Bioscience


rocketed 94% to $16.37, after CIBC World Markets upgraded the stock to outperform. The upgrade came a day after the company announced successful study results for an experimental drug for treating fibromyalgia syndrome, an illness causing chronic pain.

Rising on Unusual Volume. Cypress Bioscience's shares shot up on heavy trading. Volume was up 4,900% its average.

52-Week Highs: Cypress Bioscience's closing price also was a 52-week high.

Latest-Activist-Situations: Hedge fund Pirate Capital lowered its stake in aerospace and defense contractor



to 6.8%.

Biggest % Losers:

Vion Pharmaceuticals


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dropped 56% to 86 cents after announcing the suspension of a late-stage trial for leukemia drug Cloretazine.

52-Week Lows:



, an energy utility that does business in the Midwest and Northwestern U.S., dropped nearly 5.4% to $32.93, a 52-week low. The company's shares dropped after the Montana Public Service Commission opposed its sale to an Australian company.

Stocks with Unusual Option Activity:



, which Altria spun off last quarter, was experiencing unusual options activity.

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