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This past week, Jim Cramer was focused on the market's strength and what it meant to longs and to those who unfortunately have been short.

Despite this big move up, Jim still sees certain areas of the market where there are very good, cheap stocks. He talked about fear and tight supply being reasons behind the market's direction, but said that any way you see it, now is time to "bow to the breakout."

He also discussed private-equity targets, the strength in grocery chains, and steel plays. With the markets at all-time highs, Cramer again offered us his take on how to properly navigate them.

Here are some the highlights from Jim over the last week (aggregated from "Mad Money," "Stop Trading!" and his articles).

Cramer's Private-Equity Plays

: On the April 23 "Mad Money" show, Cramer pointed out that private-equity firms are making "crateloads of money." So Cramer figured it was time other people got in on the action.

He said the challenge is for investors to figure out what the private-equity folks are going to buy tomorrow. With that in mind, along with some help from a Goldman Sachs report on private-equity targets, he gave us his

Private-Equity Plays

. His picks include

AmeriGas Partners

(APU) - Get Free Report


Darden Restaurants

(DRI) - Get Free Report


Cramer's Bullish Plays

: On the April 24 "Mad Money" show, Cramer came out swinging with the


over 13,000 calling for a "1,000-point rally" by summer's end. He believes this is a conservative forecast and that retail has not even been in the market yet.

He went back to one of his favorite themes, pointing out that buybacks are eating up supply and killing shorts in the process. Making that kind of call certainly meant that Cramer was going to give us some names so we could ride with the bulls, and he didn't disappoint as he mentioned his

Top Bullish Plays

for us to follow, including


(CAT) - Get Free Report



(RIG) - Get Free Report



(HON) - Get Free Report


Jim also went back to two recent investment themes in recommending how to join this market move by saying we could jump on his

Green Day Plays

or his

Benefit of the Doubt Plays

. Some of these picks include





( FD),

Fuel Tech

(FTEK) - Get Free Report





Cramer's Steel Plays

: Cramer said that "we are witnessing a miraculous revaluation of the steel stocks; one that is, quite frankly, breathtaking in its breadth." The reasoning is threefold: takeovers, which continue unabated globally; demand from China, which seems almost endless, the way it was for this nation in the early 1900s; and low valuations. Cramer was all over it and gave us his

Favorite Steel Plays

. Some of the names Cramer is watching include

Reliance Steel & Aluminum

(RS) - Get Free Report


U.S. Steel

(X) - Get Free Report


Cramer's Rail Plays

: Cramer informed us that the four big rails are "flush with cash" on his "Mad Money" show on April 24. Cramer said they are going to be buying a lot of equipment and offered us his

Rail Plays

. He pointed out that the Railway Tie Association expects that 21 million railroad ties will be sold this year, a lot more than usual. Low supply and high demand means higher prices. Some of his picks included


(GBX) - Get Free Report


Trinity Industries

(TRN) - Get Free Report


Cramer's New Management Plays:

On the April 25 "Mad Money" show, Cramer told us that "every so often a new CEO comes into a company and makes an immediate difference." It's rarer when this happens with a "behemoth," and rarer still when it happens to two behemoths at once. As a result, Cramer told us to buy these

New Management Plays


Cramer's Grocery Chains

: Cramer has always liked attending conferences because there was a chance he would stumble into a good story about a good company he didn't know beforehand. A few weeks ago he went to the Bank of America conference to speak and stumbled into the




He hadn't looked at it for years and came away liking it. "We tend not to think there's that much growth in this sleepy industry. That's wrong." Thus, he concluded by disclosing his

Favorite Grocery Chain Plays

. They include


(KR) - Get Free Report


Lightning Round:

Cramer was full speed ahead last night with his latest

Lightning Round

. He was bullish on several stocks such as

Archer Daniels Midland

(ADM) - Get Free Report



(T) - Get Free Report

, but also bearish on the likes of


(AKAM) - Get Free Report



(MRVL) - Get Free Report


At the time of publication, Altucher and/or his fund had no positions in stocks mentioned, although positions may change at any time.

James Altucher is a managing partner at Formula Capital, an alternative asset management firm that runs several quantitative-based hedge funds as well as a fund of hedge funds. He is also the author of

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