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Stock Market Today With Jim Cramer: Wear Your Masks America

Jim Cramer discusses the stock market today including wearing your masks in public, buying AstraZeneca shares, and discussing Moderna news.

The Dow, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq are all slightly up after the Federal Reserve announced their plan to buy corporate bonds. Stocks were down earlier in the day as a rise in coronavirus cases in the U.S. is risking additional phases to the economy opening up. Could we see states close restaurants and stores back up if we see a second wave of Covid-19 cases?

TheStreet's Katherine Ross discussed today's breaking news in the stock market on StreetLightning with Cramer. Cramer shared why it's important to start wearing your masks in public, why now is the time to start buying AstraZeneca shares and having a discussion about what to like and dislike about Moderna.

Start Wearing Your Masks Today 

Last week, TheStreet's Katherine Ross spoke with Dr. Fauci about the developments in the coronavirus pandemic and why he has changed his mind on wearing masks. Cramer has been pushing Americans to start wearing masks, including debunking common myths, since early April. We can only control what's in our power and if wearing masks is the least we can do to combat coronavirus, let's help do our best to be a good neighbor and follow this simple task.

Listen to why Cramer believes it's important for everyone to start wearing masks so we can continue progressing towards slowing the spread of Covid-19.

AstraZeneca Stock: Buy or Sell?

AstraZeneca signed a deal to deliver 400 million doses of its vaccine in Europe this past week. Last week it was announced that AstraZeneca had targeted Gilead for a merger but there have been no further developments since the report came out. Earlier this month, AstraZeneca found itself in a little heat after reports came out that the company was rushing the production of their Covid-19 vaccine before the results had come out.

Despite all the reports and news from AstraZeneca, Cramer believes that now might be a good time to buy shares. Listen to why he recommends buying AstraZeneca.

Moderna Stock: Buy or Sell?

Moderna has been in the news frequently during the chase to be the first company out with a coronavirus vaccine. Moderna announced they will begin testing in July for its vaccine. Israel is in talks to buy the Moderna vaccine once it's ready for production.

Cramer explains why he has questions about Moderna despite positive news about its vaccine. Cramer talks about the promotional side to Moderna that is hurting the company in his eyes.

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