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Stern Won't Get in Sirius Trouble

This could be the greatest pump and dump in history, but still the feds won't chase the shock jock.
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Am I an idiot, or did Howard Stern just do the greatest pump and dump in history? Did he not say that things were great and that


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was doing well? Did he not just come on television, ring the opening buzzer or whatever they have at the


and get all lathered about the stock?

And now he's free to sell 34 million shares?

First, let's stipulate: He's above the law. Stern is different. He's a jovial, intelligent rogue, and rogues can do what they want.

I mean, how many people went and bought the stock much higher because of what he just said, and now will feel compelled to "average down" when Stern does his selling?

Now, you could argue that Stern knew nothing and that he simply doesn't matter. He can say what he wants because he is a big star. But last I looked, there was no Big Star immunity to the 1934 Act.

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No matter, though. If he dumps after his pump, he'll get away with it, even as the government picks on just about every little guy out there who does something wrong.

Oh well.

I guess we all just have to get bigger to start pumping and dumping.

Wrong takeaway?

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