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Le'Veon Bell Released: Top Stories, Sports and Business News - Oct. 14

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Le'Veon Bell Done in NY

Le’Veon Bell is released by the New York Jets while NFL ratings offer another mixed bag as sports TV numbers con. These are the stories shaping sports and business for Wednesday October 14th, 2020.

$48,276: That's what the Jets paid Le'Veon Bell PER DAY for the 580 days (exactly 19 months) he was with the team.

Tomlin and Steelers are the big winners though by letting him go three years ago. 

NFL Week 5 Ratings Mixed Bag

It was another mixed bad of ratings for the NFL in Week 5 as the league saw some viewership wins and losses in its fifth week of games.

CBS’s national game saw viewership rise to an average of 22.87 million people Who tuned in to watch the network’s late-window matchups between the Giants and Cowboys as well as the Colts and the Browns.

that was a 6% increase from last year.

It was CBS’ most watched national 4:25 pm game in the month of October since 2015.

The league’s Thursday Night simulcast matchup between the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Bucs drew 17.4 million viewers, that is an increase of 22% from the 14.26 million viewers who tuned in a year ago, though last year’s viewership did not have the benefit of the 2.7 million viewers who tuned in on the NFL Network side of the broadcast.

Meanwhile over on NBC, the marquee Saturday night football matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings saw ratings fall to 11.42 million from the 11.71 million viewers who tuned into the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers matchup last week.

The 5.6 million viewers who tuned in to watch Lebron James win his fourth title and nearly 2.1 million viewers who watched MLB’s ALCS game on Sunday Night certainly drew away from NBC’s broadcast.