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SPAC Tracker: Jim Cramer Shares Signs to Buy SPACs

These are the top SPACs to watch that could present buying opportunities including Holicity, Soaring Eagle, Replay Acquisition, BowX Acquisition and more.

The last month has been rough for SPACs as the SPAC market has been trading down in the past month following the fall of Churchill Capital Corp. IV after its deal with Lucid Motors was announced. 

Jim Cramer shared that we're at the point of saturation, where the bad special purpose acquisition companies are driving out the good ones. So, don't blame the messenger.

The SEC is now starting a probe into the $220 billion SPAC market, according to a report in Reuters.

TheStreet began its coverage of the SPAC market this past week with stories about how to invest in the SPAC market.

With many recent SPACs trading at close to their redemption levels, it's now possible for regular investors to play the same game as sophisticated hedge funds. TheStreet's James "RevShark" DePorre shared how to invest in SPACs like the professionals.

Not everyone has been feeling the popularity of SPACs, as Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle shared why SPACs may be the hot way for firms to go public now, but rest assured the pendulum will swing back towards traditional IPOs eventually.

Tim Collins shared the 9 best SPAC stocks to buy from each stage of development: pre-deal, definitive agreement and post-merger.

Debra Borchardt picked the best cannabis SPACs including one from hip-hop legend Jay-Z. 

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Here is a list of some of the top SPAC stocks to watch over the next week of trading.

Churchill Capital Corp. IV - CCIV

Bruce Kamich looked at the charts of Churchill Capital Corp. IV  (CCIV)  to see where the stock is heading next.

BowX Acquisition Corp. - 

WeWork has agreed to a $9 billion merger with Nasdaq-listed BowX Acquisition Corp., a San Francisco-based SPAC.

Replay Acquisition - RPLA

Replay Acquisition  (RPLA)  is taking the Finance of America public and Kamich looked at the charts to see how to trade the stock.

Holicity - HOL

Holicity  (HOL)  is the SPAC purchasing Astra. Astra is a play on space, a preferred sector for Tim Collins over the next few years.

FinTech Acquisition Corp. V - FTCV

Trading platform eToro will go public by merging with blank-check company Fintech Acquisition V in a deal valued at $10.4 billion.

Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V - HCIC

Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V has had previous success taking companies public and is one of the top SPAC stocks Collins is looking to buy Friday.

Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp. - SRNGU

Soaring Eagle Acquisition has been covered on the SPAC Tracker as a stock to buy as it trades pennies above the redemption value at $10.

Cohn Robbing Holdings - CRHC

No target markets have been named by Cohn Robbing Holdings but Gary Cohn and Clifton Robbins are the backers behind this SPAC and as Cramer mentioned, you want to invest in SPACs with trusted backers who are putting their own money in it.

All stock prices are referenced and pulled from Yahoo Finance while rankings were pulled from