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SPAC Tracker: Atlas Crest, New Providence Acquisition

These are the top SPAC stocks to watch and their performance from this past week by the percentage change including Churchill Capital and VG Acquisition.
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SPACs have actually been around for a while but have recently picked up popularity due to the advantages of taking companies public via SPACs.

Mergers through SPACs surged last year, accounting for 50% of IPOs this past year, according to SPAC Analytics.

Some investors were trying to get a better understanding of what is a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) and how can they make money investing in them. 

Real Money author shared when he feels comfortable investing in a SPAC, "If the SPAC sits below $12, I'm generally comfortable taking a shot... Time frame remains extremely important, but we also have to measure risk and reward."

If you're looking for the stock picks for SPACs in 2021, TheStreet's James 'RevShark' DePorre recently shared his top stock picks for SPACs in 2021. DePorre looks for SPACs to continue to be a major trading theme in 2021.

'RevShark' explored whether SPACs are here to stay or if there's a bubble brewing back in Dec. 2020. DePorre stated, "Maybe SPACs will turn out to be a bubble that puts a top in this market, but if they are, they probably have a long way to go before they implode."

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Here is a list of some of the top SPAC stocks to watch and their performance from this past week by the percentage change at the close of trading on Feb. 5.

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TheStreet Recommends

Churchill Capital | Increased +51.44%

Tim Collins spoke about the two 'crown jewels' of the EV sector, Rivian and Lucid, with Chanje close behind. Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson joined Jim Cramer on CNBC to discuss going public this past week.

Atlas Crest Investment | Increased +35.78% Since Feb. 8

Archer Aviation, an electric aircraft developer announced a merger with SPAC Atlas Crest Investment.

Apollo Strategic Growth | Increased +2.64%

Vista's Solera Holdings is discussing going public by merging with Apollo Strategic Growth  (APSG) , according to Bloomberg.

New Providence Acquisition | Increased +18.89%

New Providence Acquisition bought AST & Science, LLC, a space-based cellular broadband network-accessible directly by standard mobile phones.

Collins shared why investors should be looking at New Providence as an alternative to some of the stocks being pushed on Reddit's WallStreetBets,

Foley Trasimene Acquisition | Increased +16.02%

Foley Trasimene  (BFT)  is buying Paysafe for $9 billion. Paysafe is an integrated payments platform with a two-side consumer and merchant network. 

VG Acquisition | Increased +23.96%

Consumer DNA-testing company 23andMe will go public by merging with VG Acquisition, a SPAC sponsored by Richard Branson's Virgin Group.

Ftac Olympus Acquisition | Increased +9.79%

Payoneer entered an agreement with Ftac Olympus Acquisition to go public. Payoneer is a global payment and commerce-enabling platform that powers growth for millions of digital businesses worldwide.

All stock prices are referenced and pulled from Yahoo Finance while rankings were pulled from