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New Cannabis Partnership Could Be Medical Breakthrough for Cancer Patients

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Water soluble emulsion technology company SōRSE Technology is bringing its technology to the medical space through a partnership with Pascal Biosciences which could result in cannabinoid products specifically designed for people undergoing cancer treatments.

SōRSE Technology CEO Howard Lee joined TheStreet to discuss what SōRSE brings to the cannabis industry and how its new partnership with Pascal could be a game changer for the industry.

“To make cannabinoid’s more available to the human body you have to make it more bioavailable, you need to make it better for safer dosing and you need to make it have better sensory so you don’t taste a bad bitter taste that most cannabis products may have in the industry. We solve all of those three problems today,” SōRSE CEO Howard Lee told TheStreet. 

SōRSE’s technology allows other cannabinoid researchers to build a network of doctors and scientists that can help further cannabinoid, and the company's partnership with Pascal is its first foray into the medical space. 

"Pascal is the first company to identify a mechanism for cannabinoids to directly benefit cancer immunotherapy and is also developing a cannabinoid-derived drug targeting glioblastoma," the company said in a statement this week. 

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