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Six Ways to Save Money on Gasoline offers some ways to help take the sting out of higher fuel prices.

Gas prices are likely to continue going up, not down, at least in the short term.

Are we entering the much-debated state of "peak oil," where the world's reserves are officially leaning toward the "E" side of the dial?

Maybe, maybe not...

Either way, consumers are feeling the pinch.

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The average


user spent an average of $72.38 on purchases labeled "gas" last month.

How does that impact your wallet now? Here are six tips to help you whittle down your gas bill:

1. Combine trips


Plan your errands so you do them all at once vs. making multiple trips and driving multiple miles.

2. Eliminate trips or carpool


Reconsider the expense of public transportation vs. what it will cost you to drive. Or, try walking or bicycling. Even in less pedestrian-friendly areas, you can find ways to walk.

Even walking between parking lots can save some cash and give you some exercise.

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3. Fill your tires


Properly-filled tires allow you to get the best gas mileage.

4. Change your oil and replace your air filters


Again, keep your car in the best working order. These tips cost a little up front, but will save you money in the long run.

5. Empty your trunk


Many people use their trunk as extra storage. You're paying more for gas for every additional, unnecessary pound of weight in your trunk. Clean it out!

6. Find the best price online


Sites like

allow you to find the best price for gas in your area. Just don't drive a considerable distance out of your way to save a few cents a gallon.

What gasoline usage tips would you add? For example, if you have a yard and use a gas-powered mower you might consider switching to an old-fashioned human-powered machine.