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Shares of

Building Materials Holding

( BLG) remain under pressure as the overall housing market continues its downturn.

As the company's name suggests, Building Materials deals in residential construction and related building services. So unless the housing market sees a leveling off or a reversal, there's a high probability for, and continued expectation of, this company's stock price remaining in a downtrend channel. For those long the stock, the only aspect to the downtrend that can be viewed as positive would be that most people know about the slowdown and everyone is following the upgrades and downgrades in this sector.

Such an informed investor base would suggest that all the negativity may already be priced into the stock. Therefore, if the stock was to remain in a downtrend, fundamentally, the company would have to continue to struggle and expectations for a further decline in housing-related assets would be higher.Technically, the downtrend channel remains intact and the reason this stock remains on the radar for a downtrend trade setup is that there is still technical weakness in the stock price action.

The start of this downtrend began in late 2006 when the double-top formation at $28 finally led to a break below $24 support. From that, the test of the $20 support level was breached in late February and early March of 2007. The retest of $20 formed a resistance level, and the stock continued to see more lows.

The ideal setup for this trade would be to see a move into the downtrend channel resistance near $20. An entry at $19.75 would require a stop at $20.75, for a $1 risk. The first profit target would be at $18.75 to satisfy the 1-to-1 reward/risk ratio. The final profit target will be based on price action under $17.50. If the price can break that level, there will be a continuation signal and the $16 to $16.25 area would be the final profit target.

If price closes under $17.50 without first offering an entry, this trade setup is no longer valid. Shares of Building Materials closed at $17.16 Monday.

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