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Three Standout Sectors to Watch In 2020

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New year, new investments?

If you're searching for sectors to explore in 2020, look no further. 

Real Money contributor Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle highlights three sectors that he thinks investors should be watching in 2020


Guilfoyle says the Federal Reserve, for now, is "pinning the short end of the curve in place while allowing the long end to float freely in the free market."

This, he points out, is a real positive for investors interested in the financials sector.


Although "energy has been a real dog for ten years or more," according to Guilfoyle, it's the comeback kid in 2020. 

In fact, Guilfoyle tells TheStreet's Katherine Ross that crude is a good bet for the long-run.

"I don't think oil is going the way newspapers went in the 2000s or retail went in the 2010s. I think there is going to be demand for oil or natural gas going out 20 or 30 years."

This ongoing demand, he says, makes energy a sector to watch.


Guilfoyle sees opportunity in the health-care sector in 2020. He's eyeing the sector's interplay with the upcoming election.

"As the debates roll around and [candidates] start talking about how much these companies are hurting people, they're going to sell off a little bit. When those stocks get cheap, you have to buy some of them," said Guilfoyle.

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