Satellite Stocks Send Strong Signal

XM and Sirius have formed similar patterns; buyers should stay tuned. Plus the Nasdaq, Motorola and more.
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This story was originally published on RealMoney on June 6 at 8:25 a.m. EDT.

The recent run in the market has left a lot of bulls giddy.

Frankly, I was in that camp a few weeks ago, but my ardor has since cooled.

For one, I get concerned when the indices move straight up. In addition, the


(see chart below) got turned back -- and hard! -- right at resistance.

That might be indicative of more downside, or it could just be a brief pause.

Regardless, my take (also reflected in

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) is to be doing very little on the long side right now.

Today's charts:

The Nasdaq;

Sirius Satellite

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XM Satellite Radio







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Energy Select Sector SPDR

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