Samsung Electronics (SSNLF) is pulling all Galaxy Fold samples distributed to reviewers after several prominent technology writers including one for The Wall Street Journal reported defects in the highly anticipated units.

The recall of all of Samsung's highly anticipated review units comes amid reports from technology journalists of blinking screens, bulges and peeling protective coating on the key feature of the phone - it's folding screen - after only a day's use.

Samsung postponed the $1,960 Galaxy Fold's launch for an unspecified period of time while it investigated the damage reports, the company said on Monday. According to Reuters, initial findings into the causes, it said, pointed to impact on exposed areas of the screen's hinges.

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Samsung had been planning on selling 1 million Galaxy Fold handsets this year, the equivalent of less than half a percent of the 291.3 million smartphones it sold in 2018. Of last year's the total, 12.8 million were Note series phones, according to analysts' estimates.

In March, Samsung released a video showing robots folding Galaxy Fold handsets 200,000 times for its durability test.