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Resource Transition: An Investor's Playbook for 2022 (Webinar Preview)

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The Resource Transition is here, and a delicate balancing act is underway.  A global economy striving to reach sustainability must balance mounting pressures; a growing population, an uncertain economy; supply shortages for key minerals for renewable energy, technology, and more.

This changing landscape is presenting new investor opportunities, extending beyond the energy sector.  Where are the opportunities, pitfalls, and where is it all headed? 

WATCH: Investor Playbook: The Resource Transition, the FREE Webinar hosted by Susan McGinnis, which includes an all-star team of portfolio managers and analysts. 

  • Shawn Reynolds, Portfolio Manager for VanEck’s Global Resource Fund GHAAX and Environmental Sustainability Fund ENVAX, VanEck
  • Ammar James, Deputy Portfolio Manager, and Analyst focused on agriculture, paper, and forest, VanEck
  • Veronica Zhang, Deputy Portfolio Manager, and Analyst focused on renewable energy, VanEck
  • Charl Malan, the Senior Analyst, focused on minerals and metals, VanEck

Editor’s note. The webinar was recorded on December 22, 2021.

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TheStreet is partnering with VanEck, the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, trading in asset classes that include cryptocurrency, stock indexes, energy, agriculture, and so much more. Watch the sneak peek above, the full webinar coming the first week of January.

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