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Barstool's Portnoy Comes Out Against Republicans

The controversial media personality believes the right has gone too far and has taken a bold stand.

Twitter  (TWTR)  has given a voice to many covering just about any topic. Twitter can promote a new restaurant, dance move and even political views of individuals when society is in a whirlwind of emotions about what’s to come.

Many organizations spoke out on June 24 after the U.S. Supreme Court's reversal of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. One of the nation’s largest banks JP Morgan (JPM)  spoke out immediately following the reversal. The company commits to paying for the travel costs of employees for legal and safe abortions for those employees and their families living in the states that have already overturned the right to an abortion. This allows individuals and families some comfort in knowing their employer is looking out for their needs despite the actions of the Supreme Court or individual states.

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Employers Protecting Women's Right to Choose

Other notable corporations that will pay for travel related to women needing abortions are Disney  (DIS) , Meta  (META) , Zillow  (ZG) , Starbucks  (SBUX) , Microsoft  (MSFT) , Netflix  (NFLX) , and Amazon  (AMZN) .

States that have already overturned the rights for a safe and legal abortion are North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming. Seven of the states had trigger laws that happened immediately when Roe was overturned.

Other states had pre-Roe v. Wade abortion laws that went back into effect with it being overturned. Some states have clear exemptions for rape and incest such as Idaho, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. States without clear exemptions for either or both incest or rape are Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentucky.

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Republican Forced to Vote Blue to Protect Basic Human Rights 

Republican David Portnoy founder of Barstool Sports, a branch of Penn National Gaming  (PENN) , came out swinging in the defense of Republicans that support basic human rights for all but are fiscally conservative. Portnoy has 2.7 million followers on Twitter. He claimed during his rant on Twitter, that has already garnered 3 million views, that as a Republican he has no choice but to vote for Democrats like President Biden, because he believes that if he voted for a Republican that they would stack the Supreme Court with right-sided justices.


With a Supreme Court heavily sided with the right, he believes that basic human rights are at stake, which is more important than his fiscally conservative ideology. The Supreme Court is already heavy with conservative justices, after President Trump was able to seat three of the current sitting Supreme Court justices. 

When it comes to Portnoy, he doesn’t exactly have a clean slate with respect to women. Several claims have been made against Portnoy about alleged misconduct. Portnoy has denied these allegations each time. While his past encounters may be in question, his belief that women have the basic right to choose when it comes to their bodily autonomy is clear in his Twitter statement against the most recent events overturning Roe v. Wade.

Even a millionaire with a questionable past and present with women believes that women should have the right to choose, which the Supreme Court has denied that same right by law throughout the nation. The Supreme Court ruling leaves the right to be given at a state-by-state level.

Meanwhile, Portnoy’s company Barstool Sports has not yet commented on the historic ruling. Portnoy was clear that his rant was of his own beliefs and not that of his company. Portnoy’s main audience is young men.