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Regent Seven Seas Has an Indulgent New Cruise For Globetrotters

For when you really, really need to get away.

With the state of the world these days, the idea of boarding a cruise ship and never coming back to your life and responsibilities is sounding more and more appealing.

While this option is not formally available unless you intend to sneak aboard one and become a permanent stowaway, the options for cruises are dramatically widening in scope, so while you can't escape your daily life forever, at the very least you could escape it for a period of time.

And the word is that while people are slowly coming back to cruises, they're nowhere near as crowded as they were in pre-covid times, which is also appealing news. A less-crowded cruise means easier access to just about everything.

If you're really in need of a quick getaway, you could book a long weekend or a week on a ship, or even take advantage of an all-inclusive deal like Carnival's new Princess Premier.

But if you're fighting the kind of burnout that a regular long weekend or vacation week simply can't cure, maybe you need a complete overhaul, the kind of experience that completely changes the way you see the world for a while.

And you just might find that if you save your pennies to book the newest cruise with Regent Seven Seas that will sail in 2025, which could whisk you away for a 150 days -- roughly five months.

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Where Does This New Cruise Go?

Called Away in Wonder, this extensive new cruise will sail on the Seven Seas Mariner and visit five continents and 25 countries in total, visiting a total of 97 ports. It is the longest cruise that Regent Seven Seas has ever offered.

The cruise departs in Miami on January 7, 2025 and concludes in San Francisco on June 5, following the easternmost edge of South America before making its way through the Pacific Ocean to Australia, Asia, and North America before returning to port.

There will be a total of 395 shoreside excursions during the cruise. A few of the  experiences shown on the official website include an equestrian exhibition followed by a traditional dinner in Bueno Aires, Argentina, a live Maori performance and a grand dinner in Auckland, New Zealand, and a visit to the towering Sanctuary of Proof in Pattaya, right near Bangkok, Thailand.

Naturally, spending five months at sea is not a cheap endeavor, as anyone that has gone on long cruises likely already knows. To sail on Away in Wonder, a suite on the Deluxe Veranda will set you back $86,999 per person, while a Master Suite is $249,999.

Of course, those huge price tags come with a wheelbarrow of first-class amenities, too: first class air, a pre-cruise gala in Miami, door-to-door luggage service, a comprehensive visa package, valet laundry, exclusive shoreside experiences, and a commemorative gift.

Priority reservations open June 1, 2022, and regular reservations on June 15.