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Red Light Holland CEO on Moving Past Stigma Around Psychedelics

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How have your parents reacted to the legalization of marijuana in 19 states in the U.S.? What about the research into how psychedelic mushrooms can help things such as cancer, alcohol abuse, or anxiety?

My mom, who is a very open-minded person, has embraced the legalization of marijuana but the idea of legalizing any kind of psychedelic mushroom still has her scratching her head. 

So, when I had the chance to talk to Red Light Holland CEO, Todd Shapiro, I had to ask him about the negative stigma around psychedelics and how his company--which specializes in truffles--is working to remove that stigma through education.

"There are people all across the world that don't have access to prescribed medications, that don't have access to a simple penicillin medication. They don't have doctors prescribing the the more we can get behind the [movement towards natural medicinals such as psilocybin], the more we can help more people--not just in our own backyards--and that's what we think is important at the end of the day," Shapiro explained. 

Watch the clip above for more.

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