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By Stockpickr Guest Columnist Glen Bradford

Millions of Americans turn on their TVs every night asking themselves, "What's the plan, Wall Street? What's the plan?" And Wall Street coaxingly replies, "Shhh, there is no plan."

It doesn't look so good. The sky


be falling. If you listened to everyone else, you'd never get ahead of them though, would you? Buffett, Fisher and Heebner never got their "secret market-beating strategies" from Wall Street. In my time, all the actionable advice I've received has ended up in bankruptcy, and that's why I do my own research.

A majority of people have no idea what's going on much past what they've gathered by cringing through 20 minutes of television. Yet someone who might barely understand balance sheets and income statements is encouraged to invest. This is where the market opens up opportunities for the wise to take advantage of the foolish.

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