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Editor's Note: This originally was sent to subscribers of Action Alerts PLUS as an alert on Jan. 21 at 2:42 p.m. EST. Cramer holds PNC and J.P. Morgan in his Action Alerts PLUS portfolio.

Do you ever wish a stock would go lower so you could buy more? That's where I am with

PNC Financial


. This company is not big enough to go it alone in a world where the

Bank of Americas


and the

J.P. Morgans


rule. PNC has a fine balance sheet and a good brand name, and is the single most-likely-to-be-taken-over name in the business.

Normally, I am loath to speculate on takeovers. But if you are going to pay me a 3.8% dividend while I wait for one and deliver earnings that I regard as OK, I will take my chances.

I listened to the earnings conference call and all of the metrics were fine. There was nothing even eyebrow-raising. Of course, there are plenty of other people in PNC who were hoping for a takeout TODAY and didn't get one. They are selling.

Me, I've done some buying in PNC already today. And I am grateful.

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At the time of publication, James J. Cramer was long J.P. Morgan and PNC Financial. Cramer is a director and co-founder of He contributes daily market commentary for's sites and serves as an adviser to the company's CEO. Outside contributing columnists for and, including Cramer, may, from time to time, write about stocks in which they have a position. In such cases, appropriate disclosure is made.

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