'The Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort says pump and dump schemes - the type of crime that landed him in prison - are still around.

"It still happens to this day," he said in an interview with TheStreet. "People use the Internet more now and chat rooms - they talk stocks up."

He's not sure if he could exactly recreate his pump and dump scheme in today's environment, given the growth of the Internet.

As for the people who lost money from Belfort's financial crimes, they are being paid back from his book writing and speaking proceeds. Belfort is the author of the new book Way of the Wolf.

He said he's paid back roughly $18 million to $19 million, and plans to pay back more.

As for Wall Street culture, he thinks the 2008 financial crisis prompted changes and improved things from when he worked on the Street. 

"I think that the global financial crisis was a shock to the system," he said. "I think a lesson was learned and firms have gotten a lot more vigilant about making sure the systems in place don't incentivize bad behavior." 

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