Did you notice the big change on the home page of Provectus Biopharmaceuticals' (PVCT) web site today?

Here's a screen shot of the site today. PV-10 is referred to as an "Investigational Drug for Cancer."

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No big deal? Well, take a look at what Provectus' web site looked like yesterday:

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PV-10 is a "Breakthrough Cancer Drug"? Really? That's news to all of us, given Provectus is supposed to hear back from the FDA this week about the request to grant PV-10 Breakthrough Therapy status for skin cancer. So far, Provectus has said nothing about the FDA's response. 

If Provectus hasn't heard from FDA yet on PV-10's "Breakthrough" status, why describe the drug on the home page of its web site as a "Breakthrough Cancer Drug"? Today, PV-10 is merely an "Investigational Drug." Maybe someone at the FDA caught a glance at Provectus' web site and slapped a wrist. We all know Provectus would never try to fool investors. Nah, this fine, upstanding company would never do something sneaky like tricking people into thinking PV-10 was granted Breakthrough Therapy status when it wasn't.

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