NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Proofpoint's (PFPT) - Get Reportcybersecurity solutions may be able to review more than 600 million emails a day, but even they aren't powerful enough to fully shield the company's stock from the market's recent turbulence, said CEO Gary Steele. But selling a service that is becoming obviously vital certainly helps.

"Organizations continue to struggle with security issues," said Steele. "We see visible hacks in the media every single day, and as a result of that, there has been strong demand. Although we do see this broader macro-volatility, we feel very confident about the business given this strong demand environment."

Even after dropping almost 7% in the past three months, shares of Proofpoint are still up 18% so far in 2015. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite by comparison is up less than a percentage point year-to-date.

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The company said in July it expects its full-year 2015 non-GAAP net loss to be $16 million to $15.5 million, or a loss of between $0.40 per share and $0.39 per share. The consensus estimate among analysts on Wall Street is that the company will lose about 4 cents a share in 2016. Steele, however, did not say that the company will be drastically cutting spending to get there.

"Last quarter, we delivered 37% growth on the top line and we want to deliver that growth while increasing cash flow and profitability," said Steele. "We've consistently executed on that pledge."

Aside from detecting malware in emails, Proofpoint also detects the presence of so-called phishing attacks in hundreds of millions of social media posts per day, and billions of URLs and IP addresses. Nevertheless, Steele said the primary method for intruders to penetrate a company's defenses is through emails.

"We leverage the cloud and we can identify weaponized documents and malicious URLs, and we can block people from either clicking on those or opening those particular attachments," said Steele.