Pilotless Planes Could be Here Sooner Than You Think - TheStreet

According to an analysis by Swiss bank UBS (UBS) - Get Report  pilotless planes might be on the way and they could be here sooner than you think. Are people ready for it?

The study found that autonomous planes could possibly save airlines up to $35 billion a year by reducing pilot and fuel costs. Even though this could lead to a reduction in ticket prices, more than half of people asked said they would not travel in a pilotless plane. 

Boeing (BA) - Get Report  has previously revealed that it is testing pilotless aircraft, discussing the technology at the Paris airshow in June. Passenger jets already use computer software to take off and cruise.

The report predicted that cargo planes would be the first aircraft to go pilotless, stating "cargo is not concerned with the status of its pilots. For this reason, pilotless cargo aircraft may happen more swiftly than for passengers."

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