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Pharmaceutical Sector Mixed on Flu Scare

The pharmaceutical industry is mixed on Tuesday, as investors pick up shares of companies making vaccines and stores stocking items to combat swine flu.

The pharmaceutical industry was mixed on Tuesday, as investors cautiously pick up shares of companies that make vaccines and stores that stock items to combat swine flu.

Investors gave back some of yesterday's gains, sending shares of



, which makes an antiviral drug used to combat the disease, down 3% to $30.65.

Gilead Sciences


, co-developer of the Tamiflu vaccine, was up slightly1% to $47.86.



, the bio-defense company whose technologies aid in the rapid production of vaccines, soared 14% to $2.90.

Drugstores like

CVS Caremark





were also in the green on Tuesday, as they prepare to meet demand on hygiene products and drugs if swine flu continues to spread. The companies are stocking up on hand sanitizers and face masks and ordering additional antiviral drugs.

Shares of Walgreen increased 3% to $30.12 in morning trading, while CVS rose 4% to $31.04.

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