It is not easy cutting through all the hype currently surrounding cloud-based computing. The only surefire way to do it is having a superior product, said Alan Trefler, CEO of Pegasystems (PEGA) - Get Report .

"We actually grew our license and cloud revenue, the core of our business, by 21% year-on-year," said Trefler. "Our product is hitting a sweet spot, customers are more demanding about how they want to engage with their customers and our software fits the bill for that."

Last week, Pegasystems reported non-GAAP profit of 74 cents per share on revenue of $683 million for the year 2015. Trefler said he expects full-year 2016 earnings to be 95 cents per share, with revenue expected to be $780 million.

One of the big ways Trefler will hit those targets is through pushing products that go back and forth from the cloud to so-called "on-premise." He said people are talking about hybrid environments because the cloud does have its limits.

"Everybody is hot about the cloud now, but the reality is that sometimes you are better being up close and personal to the business systems and data that drive your business," said Trefler. "Only Pega does both with the same platform."

In terms of getting the word out, Trefler said he is ramping up his marketing in order to target the global 3,000 companies, instead of the Fortune 300. One of Pega's selling points, according to Trefler, is the ability of its CRM platform to keep its customers from leaving.

"Everybody is trying to save money and our products greatly improve efficiency," said Trefler. "But a number of them are trying to retain customers, like in Telco where we have an enormous presence with the world's largest carriers, but also in financial services where they are trying to go multi-product and multi-channel."