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Papa John's, McDonald's Top the April Fool's Day Prank List

Also making the list, Butterfinger mayonnaise, and a new pay-with-your feet service.

Life must be getting back to normal, because the brands are doing April Fool's Day pranks again.

Once every major brand started having a social media presence, the people behind those accounts couldn't resist pulling pranks on April 1st. When the pranks land, everyone gets a good chuckle (or they get to chuckle at people who don't get the joke) and the brand gets some attention, maybe even going viral for a bit.

Of course, sometimes the jokes fall flat and everyone cringes. In 2016, Google pulled its ‘Gmail Mic Drop’ stunt, rolling out a special version of the send button that generated a gif of a Minion character dressed as a queen dropping a microphone to the end of email. People who use Gmail for work were not thrilled.

Also who could forget last year, when Volkswagen announced it was renaming itself Voltswagen of America, prompting a phone call from the US Securities and Exchange Commission when the stock price started to fluctuate.

Things have been relatively quiet in terms of pranks for the past two years, as the pandemic put a damper on people's appetite for this sort of thing. But now the pranks are back out in full force. Here's some of the most notable.

McDonald's Gets Sour

McDonald's  (MCD) - Get Free Report is always trying to innovate, but a Sweet 'N Sour Sundae is too gross to be real.

Little Tikes Gives Us My First Cubicle

My First Cubicle Lead JS

It's never too soon to introduce children into the workforce, apparently, as the toy company Little Tikes has introduced My First Cubicle, a play set which comes with a "toy laptop, phone, coffee cup, filing cabinet and functional water cooler."

Papa John's Goes To Pot

Bold Brand Papa John's Lead JS

Papa John's  (PZZA) - Get Free Report has teamed with Pot Noodle for a series of toppings that only the most devoted stoner could love, including the Chicken Club "crowned with oodles of Chicken & Mushroom noodles." But we have to wonder, is this a joke? Why did Papa John's actually go through with this?

The Most Australian Thing Ever

What's really funny about a combination of Vegemite and Tim Tim cookies it that it actually exists, in limited quantities.

Hellmen's Introduces Butterfinger Mayo

Oh, come on. That's just nasty.

Busch Light Wants You To Pee In Its Beer

Busch Beer's April Food's Day prank is a reusable funnel kit so outdoor beer drinkers can relieve themselves in a beer can, rather than on a tree, as that can lead to trees getting infected with diseases.

Busch Ads Lead JS

Subway Went Big

Subway Australia is pranking us with a foot-long hot dog. Which, honestly, seems like something that someone out there would enjoy.

U by Kotex Jokes For A Good Reason

While the U by Kotex Chocolate Pads is a joke, Kotex is committed to reducing any stigma around periods.

Reyka Vodka Wants You To Soak With Some Hot Dogs

Iceland loves its hot springs, and hot dogs (or Pylsur as they are called), and Reyka Vodka is jokingly encouraging vodka fans to combine these pleasures with the Pylsur Plunge - "the world’s first" Hot Dog Hot Tub, so you can relax and cook dinner at the same time.

Reyka Hot Dog Tub Lead JS

ME Bank Lets Customers Pay With Their Feet 

 Who needs a credit card when the VolleyPay lets you literally foot the bill?

Native Is Making Your Arm Pits Go Green

The sustainable self-care brand Native has previously teamed with Baked by Melissa for cupcake flavored-scents, and now, inspired by a recent viral Tik-Tok about Green Goddess salad, the companies are introducing a deodorant and a lotion “with fresh notes of cabbage, cucumber and basil.”

CareerBuilder Is Looking To Hire A Cat Herder

CareerBuilder Cat Herder Lead JS

Even the job portal CareerBuilder got in on the fun, advertising an opening for a Cat Herder to managing the day-to-day needs of cats. It's a shame it's a prank, because honestly, plenty of people would love to have that job.

MMMMM.....Grape Jerky

Grape Jerky Lead JS

You'd be forgiven for thinking Sun-Maid Raisins' Grape Jerky is real. They'll make jerky out of anything these days, it seems.