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How much do you know about playing the stock market with options?

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These Stocks Are Feeling Gravity's Pull



Jim Cramer believe that if you buy some of the companies that are down a great deal, buy them in


, you might have a nifty trade.

Let me give you three of them that could be good trades into Friday

Sept. 19 to see what I mean.


Goldman Sachs


. You buy the September 95 calls at $13, that way you are stopped out so you don't have to be a hero.

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These Stocks Are Feeling Gravity's Pull



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Mad About Options: Just Browsing Google (Video, Sept. 18)

Jud Pyle and Matt Buckley review Jim Cramer's recent bearish comments about



and offer an appropriate options strategy. The Mad About Options crew also breaks down options ideas for




General Dynamics



Pyle: "From the options perspective, with a

Google price target like this

$400, investors are looking at selling a


one by two... What they're doing is buying one of the October 430 strike puts for $28.90, they're selling two of the October strike puts for $15.50... What's that mean? $2.10 that the investor puts in their pocket right away for doing nothing... What's that one by two worth? Well, if the stock closes right here at 425, after October


, that 430 put is worth $5.00, plus the $2.10 you took in. That's $7.10. The 400 puts that they sold are worth zero. So for investors who agree with Cramer, look into put one by twos."

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