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outperform the market? That's what some traders are betting on. But, as a trader, the burning question is: How will you play it? In this wily market, buying stocks can be a dangerous game -- especially stocks priced over $500 per share. A trader who buys GOOG on the speculation that it will outperform the market can still lose money -- even if he's right -- if the market overall falls.

This is where a clever little product called NASDAQ OMX Alpha Index Options comes in handy. This product is an index that measures how much a specific individual stock outperforms the market as a whole, as measured by the SPY. The specific Alpha index to use in this example is the NASDAQ OMX Alpha GOOG vs. SPY undefined. GOOSY specifically measures how much GOOG outperforms SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) - Get Free Report.

Check out the video Jill and I did yesterday for more information and charts on GOOSY and NASDAQ OMX Alpha Index Options:

If a trader wants to take a position expecting GOOG to outperform SPY, the trader would take a positive delta position in GOOSY, like a long call, debit call spread or credit put spread. With the implied volatility of GOOSY as high as it is, the most practical play would be a credit put spread.

For example: Sell to open GOOSY October 79 puts at $2.19 and buy to open GOOSY October 77 puts at $1.67 for a net credit $0.52.

This strategy enables the trader to profit if GOOG does in fact beat the market, causing the GOOSY index to rise. Additionally, it benefits by the short-vega position, which would profit if implied volatility falls near the historical volatility level.

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