Ahead of the final run into the holidays, many stores are planning to be open for days straight in an effort to sell more electronics, clothes and certainly toys. The push to get as many shoppers through the holiday is building a large amount of anticipation of really nice holiday sales. This may or may not happen, but the market is rallying like it will. If this is true one of the real winners will be the world's largest toy maker



. With consumer spending on the rise and the last-minute push, MAT will be able to not only sell Barbie dolls, but also the Barbie dream house and accessories. All great high margin stuff.

Let's review the T3/OP video with Jill and Scott for the fundamental and technical trade before getting into the options strategy:

Looking at the options, much to my surprise, MAT hit its lowest implied volatility level in over a year yesterday. This makes us want to be a buyer. Looking at the stock, it has been on a slow oscillating rally and has just bounced off of support. I think the stock testing $30 is entirely possible. With IV this low we can buy the 28 calls, the ATM's for about $0.65. From a cost and volatility perspective and the risk/reward profile, I think these calls are a steal if our premise that MAT is going up is correct. MAT options simply do not sit at 20% volatility for very long.

For those less sure the IV is so cheap a straddle would even be likely to win. That said, I lean bullish on the stock and like buying the January calls.

Trade: With MAT trading $27.99, buy to open MAT January 28 calls for $0.65.

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