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SHHHH it maybe Gold's time again and a Goldman Sachs stock buy even though they said it is a screaming sell.

This Gold push to $1345 is above the midpoint of the of the August peak to Oct lows so a rally to that $1433 level projects a $180 move to above $1600 again. dollar at lows and Euro at 2 year highs as support

GS is lead underwriter on Twitter IPO, stock trading between $140 and $170 since January targets $200 on a breakout disappointment on only earning 1.5 Billion has stock stuck at $160 for now...was a $250 stock in 2007

GDX @$25.95 play for GOLD

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Year low $22 lowest since 2008

Buy March $22 call @ 4.75, break even 80 cents higher with 5 months for bullish development 80 delta stock substitution strategy

GDX $32 and $22 range since breakdown in APRIL that had GOLD go Below $1400

CONSERVATIVE 52-week midpoint target at $37 from $52 high to $22 low