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Dykstra: Dell and the Dish on Sean Avery

The PC maker is underrated, and don't understimate the Rangers' tough guy.

Domination has been the name of the game recently in the NBA playoff matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards -- and for my options picks, as well.

I chalked up another win yesterday when

General Electric

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came in. So far, I'm up $5,000 with five $1,000 "wins."

Back on the hardwood, the Cavs set a franchise playoff record by beating the Wizards by 30 points in Game 2 of the series earlier in the week. Not to be outdone, Washington sent the Cavs to their room last night, beating them by 36 to pull within a game of evening the series at two wins apiece. The final score Thursday night: Wizards 108, Cavaliers 72.

The loss was not pretty for basketball fans in Ohio. Washington hit 52% of its field goal attempts and turned the ball over 11 times, while the Cavs scored just 40% of the time and suffered through 23 turnovers. Cleveland's numbers just weren't good enough to get the job done.

Superstar LeBron James even had to withstand chants of "overrated" from the Washington faithful.

Today, I'll be chanting "underrated" when making my pick. That's because I'm going with


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. You're not going to get a much better chance to pick up the computer giant at such a steep discount. Shares closed at $19.14 on Thursday. Its 52-week low is $18.13, so you can't get a much lower share price. Now that it appears to have found a bottom, it's time to work its way up.

Before telling you more about why I like Dell, I want to call attention to agitator Sean Avery of the New York Rangers, by some accounts the most hated man in the NHL. He is reportedly taking a stab at fashion publishing. When the Rangers' season is done, Avery will serve as an unpaid intern at


magazine, performing tasks such as answering phones and working photo shoots, according to a spokesman for the magazine.

For what its worth, many people were surprised to see my mug on

when I first started writing columns in 2005. My success has kept me here, but I had to pay my dues to get here.

As for Dell, it has taken plenty of lumps as of late, too. But winners find a way to succeed, and Dell is a solid company. Dell may not be the sexiest pick, but the company has no debt and its return on equity (ROE) is off the charts. It has $8 billion in the bank and $4 billion in cash flow. Its forward price to earnings is an attractive 10.8.

That's why I am leaping all the way to January when placing a limit order to buy 10 deep-in-the-money $15 calls (VPZAC) for $5.10 or better. Don't forget to place your GTC sell order 1 point higher once the order is filled. Always remember: Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!

At the time of publication, Dykstra had no positions in stocks mentioned.

Nicknamed 'Nails' for his tough style of play, Lenny is a former Major League Baseball player for the 1986 World Champions, New York Mets and the 1993 National League Champions, Philadelphia Phillies. A three time All-Star as a ballplayer, Lenny now serves as president for several privately held businesses in Southern California. He is the founder of The Players Club; it has been his desire to give back to the sport that gave him early successes in life by teaching athletes how to invest and protect their incomes. He currently manages his own portfolio and writes an investment strategy column for, and is featured regularly on CNBC and other cable news shows. Lenny was selected as OverTime Magazine's 2006-2007 "Entrepreneur of the Year."