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An interesting trade hit the tape in Bank of America (BAC) - Get Bank of America Corp Report options on Wednesday, suggesting one very large customer may believe significant short-term upside is possible from recent $13.00 range lows.

Just before 11:30 a.m. EDT, tied to a hedge trade of 2.1 million shares at $13.35, a customer paid $0.11 for 100,000 BAC September 14 calls to open a new position. Shares closed at $13.37, and these calls expire in just nine days. I find it very interesting that someone would commit $1.1 million to a trade that requires a 5.6% lift in shares just to break even.

Bank of America (BAC) One Minute Contract Volume
Source: TradeAlert

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Shares opened a bit higher on Thursday, at $13.58, and the September 14 calls are a few cents higher near $0.14. BAC is trading at $13.87, at the time of writing. For traders interested in following this bullish lead, I would consider an October 14-15 1x2 call spread for an $0.18 debit as a reasonable risk/reward play. The trade is profitable if shares lift into the mid $14.00 range, with a maximum gain of $0.82 at $15.00, and loses if shares were to get as high as $15.82. The $0.18 debit would be lost if shares expire below $14.18.

Trades: Buy to open 10 BAC October 14 calls for $0.44 and sell to open 20 BAC October 15 calls for $0.13.

At the time of publication, Henry Schwartz held no positions in the stocks or issues mentioned.

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