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LOS ANGELES -- The Toughbook is great for the mobile executive on the go. The screen is a decent size and it only weighs three pounds. Gadget Grrl says it stands up to most dings and drops -- hence its name. It is also spill resistant and fits nicely on an airline tray. Plus, if you have pets or work in a tight space, keep your laptop in a safe place with the Laptop Hideaway from Belkin.

Toughbook W7

Besides the great size and ultralight weight, at three pounds, this new Toughbook W7 modelis a dream machine for the road. The screen size measures 12.1" and the seven-hourbattery life won't leave you stranded or groveling on the ground searching for power.For starters, there are many inputs/outputs to get data in or out. Unlike the MAC Airbook, with one USB and no firewire, the Toughbook sports three USB portsalong with a built-in optical drive, express card slot and an SD card reader.

I particularly like the narrow size of the W7 because it gives me enough room ona typical airline tray table to plug in a mouse.

It comes with a choice of built-in 3G mobile broadband solutions from


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. And a spill-proof keyboard protects against liquid spills (up to 6 ounces)to cover those clumsy passengers next to you. It can also survive a 1-ft. drop on 26 different angles onto a hard surface and the hard drive can survive a 2.5-ft. drop.

The price might make you think twice, but if you've ever replaced a laptop after dropping it or spilling on it, you will likely think it's worth it.

These features make this a great road machine, especially for the business travelerwho needs an all-around PC to handle anything that comes down the pike.

Laptop Hideaway

The Laptop Hideaway is a great way to set your laptop in a safe place -- on the floornext to your desk, couch, bed, chair -- without it toppling over. This would be especially handy if you have pets or if you live or work in a small space whereclutter is an issue.

The Hideway will store a 15.4 inch laptop in either a widescreen or standardscreen model. And it comes in two color schemes:dove/tarragon and chocolate/tourmaline. I prefer the chocolate because it won't show dirt as easily. Both have a durable, hand-washable surface and youcan spot-clean it with a damp cloth.

The case can also easily store your power supply, mouse or documents.

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