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Online Brokers 2000: <I>'s</I> Full Coverage

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Feeling frustrated with your online broker? Join the club. For all the brokers out there, not a one leaves its customers happy on all counts. Some don't even come close.

That's the word from

Online Broker Survey 2000

. In this mammoth survey, more than 10,000 readers told us all about their broker, on issues from reliability to executions to customer service ... or lack thereof.

We present the survey results in a series of articles and charts. Plus, we've created message boards, so that you can continue the

discussion as we continue to report on it.

Any questions on the survey? Please let us


Online Brokers 2000: Datek Wins, but Industry Needs to Grow Up

Good. That's the best customers could say about the top-ranked broker in's

online broker survey. And plenty didn't do nearly as well.

Online Brokers 2000: Datek Tops the Roster, Waterhouse Tanks, Dreyfus Shines

Speed thrills. That's the message from the online trading public, which, for the third time in a row, has made Datek the winner of's

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Online Broker Survey 2000.

Online Brokers 2000: Charting the Results

What's your line? After-hours trading? IPOs? Options? We asked readers in's

Online Broker Survey 2000 to rate brokers on 18 different features, and here you'll see how they rate on each one.

Online Brokers 2000: How We Crunched the Numbers

It was an avalanche. Exactly 10,566 ballots were filled out in's

Online Broker Survey 2000, the biggest online broker survey ever. That's a lot of data, and there are many ways to mulch it. Here we explain how we came up with the winners.

Online Brokers 2000: Reliability Ranks at Top of Customer Concerns

After recent site outages, many online brokers are working to provide better service.

Online Brokers 2000: Real-Time Quotes -- We Want Them Now!

For today's investor delayed quotes just won't do.

Online Brokers 2000: IPOs Still Leave Investors Unsatiated

It's still tough to get in on the good ones, and respondents want more access.

Online Brokers 2000: Customers Expect Trading -- at Their Service

Many traditional, full-service brokers are coming online, giving cyberbrokers a run for the money.

Online Brokers 2000: How They Stack Up on Confirmation, Portfolio Tracking, Service and Executions

Some of the brokers have holes in their game.

Online Brokers 2000: How They Stack Up on Complex Trades, Commissions, Real-Time Market and Company News

Traders can be quite demanding, we find.

Online Brokers 2000: After-Hours Trading -- Not Yet Ready for Prime Time

As more investors get into the game, after-hours trading will become less Wild Wild West-ish.

Online Brokers 2000: Traders Come in All Types

And they seem to pick online brokers who fit their specific needs.

Online Brokers 2000: Investors Want Research, but Will Regulators Let Them Have It?

The feds are worried that some of what online brokers are providing crosses the line between research and recommendations.

Online Brokers 2000: The Final Insult -- The Torment of Closing a Brokerage Account

Broker problems wouldn't be so annoying if it were easier to close an account.

Informative provided the technology to conduct this survey.