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NYSE Trader Wants to 'Inspire and Motivate' Young Investors

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Peter Tuchman, also known as the Einstein of Wall Street, has been using his platform as a way to teach and inspire younger investors who have either started investing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic or because they joined Reddit investing communities. 

Tuchman joined TheStreet's Katherine Ross to discuss why he's so supportive of the younger investing crowd and his tips and tricks of the trade after spending over 20 years on Wall Street.

"For me, the greatest thing that's happened since March 2020--with the advent of the WallStreetBets and the Reddit crowd, and people sheltering in place...stimulus money...and Robinhood and trading apps..." Tuchman said. "The complete obstacles to entry [for] younger people, of the underbanked, of the underserved...the obstacles to entry have been knocked down. There's been this democratization of the investment community..."

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