NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If you ask any high-net worth individual what the one thing money can't buy is, it's time. 

Aside from being luxurious, private jets are one method the wealthy use to get around, as it generally takes less time to board and arrive by private charter than it does to go to an airport and deal with the slower, more public method of flying. 

Just like there seems to be a mobile application for everything, there is one for on-demand private jet requests, as well. 

Clive Jackson is the founder and CEO of Victor, which can be used to book a private charter, simply by looking up the date, takeoff time, number of passengers and destination. 

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The service first launched in the U.K. before expanding to continental Europe. Now, Victor is bringing its expansion efforts to the U.S., a country that controls half the world's private jet charter market. 

"Everyone wants a great deal and everyone wants good value," he explained, adding that "the ultra high-net worth [individuals] want a deal more than anyone else." 

The app differentiates itself by providing complete transparency. For example, most jet setters previously never realized what they were flying in until they arrive at the airport. 

Through Victor, customers can get vital information, like pricing, operators, which aircraft will be flown, and how old it is. 

The information makes the customers feel empowered, Jackson said.

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