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KFC Adds a Spicy New Menu Item with a Twist

Kentucky Scorcher aims to separate true spice lovers from the "mildly spicy pretenders."

Some like it hot, but there's a fine line between spicy and oh, my please make it stop hurting. Yum! Brands  (YUM) - Get Free Report KFC has not been shy about adding spicy options to its menu — these have included Nashville Hot Chicken, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and, now, an even spicier sandwich that comes with a side bottle of milk to cool your mouth.

What Is The Kentucky Scorcher?

Aiming to separate true heat lovers from the "mildly spicy pretenders," the Kentucky Scorcher is currently only available in Canada and features chicken breast coated in the Carolina Reaper pepper-based Scorcher sauce. 

According to the company, the Scorcher reaches a Scoville spice level of 13,500 — above the popular Tabasco hot sauce but below Frito-Lay's Hot Cheetos.

KFC Kentucky Scorcher Sandwich Milk 2 Go Lead

KFC's Kentucky Scorcher.

"Spicy offerings these days are made for the masses and lack the intensity Canadians are craving, so we set out to create a sandwich that truly delivers on heat," Ira Dubinsky, KFC Canada's brand and innovation director, said in a statement.

And if you misjudged your spice tolerance, the sandwich comes with a free bottle of Milk2Go (a handheld milk product from Montreal-based dairy company company Saputo that Canadians will recognize from their school lunch days) to cool down the heat.

What's With All These Companies Throwing In Free Milk?

KFC is not the only company to throw in a milk product alongside a spicy menu item — last month, the Atlanta-based Arby's started offering customers who bought its new Diablo Dare sandwich a free snack-sized vanilla shake that was meant to "cool your mouth down between bites."

The limited-time offer prompted a wave of internet reviews and debates on whether Arby's claim of it being "the spiciest sandwich on the market" was justified but has largely fizzled out after the limited-time promotion ended.

Arby's Diablo Feature Lead

Arby's Diablo Dare.

Independently from the regular hype that emerges when a popular fast food chain releases a new item, the fast food and snack industries are currently undergoing what can only be described as a "spice craze."

While they have been around since the 1990s, Frito-Lay's Hot Cheetos have recently started appearing on every Frito-Lay product imaginable: from Flamin' Hot Doritos to Flamin’ Hot Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles and Flamin' Hot Funyuns.

When it comes to fast food, there is a community of people who specifically track fast food chains' spicy offerings and rankings "the spiciest" fast food menu items appear online over and over again. 

"We tested dozens of hot sauces and peppers to ensure a balanced combination of spice and flavour, and the Scorcher sauce brought tears to our eyes," Dubinsky said of the Kentucky Scorcher. "This chicken is not for chickens – we've got the milk in case you need it."

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