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When was the last time you stopped to truly relax and unwind during a long train ride? Nonchalantly gazing out the window, fingers tapping the fake leather seats ... your phone, tablet and laptop safely stowed away. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Hahahahahahahahah -- yeah, me neither.

Then why are Scandinavians obsessed with binge-watching videos of mundane things, otherwise known as "Slow TV"?

In 2009, one million people in Norway tuned in to watch a 7-hour train ride from Bergen to Oslo. One million people; that happens to be 20% of the Belgian population.

Other popularly viewed monotonous tasks include people knitting, chopping wood, making a fire and watching wood burn. It's essentially reality TV, without any Real Housewives, house flippers or Kardashians yelling at each other.

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Slow TV has gotten so popular, it's now even available on Netflix for us to watch. Whether you think staring at someone's grandmother knitting for hours on end is cathartic, it could be a healthier way to unwind.