Is anyone out there? No one seems to be doing much trading.

Lack of interest, apathy and boredom were keeping buyers away and allowing sellers to push the technology sector lower. Internet Sector

index was down 14.27, or 1.6%, to 899.31, trading in a tight range between 888.37 and 926.89. The


was off 46.94, or 1.3%, to 3598.02.

Among traditional Net plays,

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was down 2 1/2, or 4.1%, to 58 1/2, giving back yesterday's 3% gain.



, which gained 18% yesterday apparently after it was mentioned by a stock picker on


yesterday, was down 9/16, or 7.6%, to 6 13/16 today.



was bouncing back from yesterday's 21% loss, up 5 13/64, or 9%, to 62 13/16. And traders were selling the fact of



holding an analysts' day today. It was down 4 11/16, or 3.4%, to 133 1/8, after gaining around 2% in advance of the meeting. And

BEA Systems


continued to decline after reporting earnings on Tuesday. It was down 3 13/16, or 8.9%, to 39.

Shares of



were up 1 7/16, or 2.6%, to 57 11/16, despite news of a patent lawsuit against the online advertising services company.



, a provider of Internet advertising and direct marketing, said today it had filed suit last week against DoubleClick for unfair business practices, alleging fraudulent procurement of a recently issued patent for ad-serving and tracking technology. L90 President and CEO John Bohan said that the company would be seeking damages "well into nine figures." In response, DoubleClick denied the allegations. L90 was down 5/16, or 3.6%, to 8 5/16.

"L90 is attempting to fight off our patent suit with increasingly desperate and ridiculous allegations," said Elizabeth Wang, vice president and general counsel of DoubleClick. "DoubleClick committed no fraud on the

Patent Office

and is simply enforcing its patent as any patentholder would. These counterclaims are retaliatory and baseless."