WASHINGTON -- For those who can't get enough nitty-gritty market information, detailed


trading data could soon get cheaper.

The Nasdaq Stock Market said Monday it plans a one-year pilot program to cut the wholesale price from $50 to $10 a month for "nonprofessional" access to trading information commonly known as

Nasdaq Level 2


Known formally as the Nasdaq Quotation Dissemination Service, the information allows subscribers to view data from all Nasdaq market makers and electronic communication networks for each Nasdaq security. Subscribers can see current prices and volume of shares dealers are willing to trade, as well as prices and volume away from the prevailing market price.

While not especially useful to longer-term traders, the information can benefit investors who trade often, or who want a broader understanding of prices than that provided by simple latest-trade information.

The service is not available directly, but can be accessed through services offered by many online brokerage firms and other vendors selling market information. The price cut is from Nasdaq to these services, which, while not obligated to do so, are expected to pass at least some of the savings along to their customers.

The move is part of an effort to provide more information at lower cost, Nasdaq said in a statement. The plan still requires approval of the

Securities and Exchange Commission