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Amazon's Alexa To The Moon

NASA is testing a voice-assistant collaboration between Cisco, Lockheed Martin and Amazon to see if astronauts can benefit from having the technology onboard.
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Alexa to the moon!

Well, at least into space, as Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Free Report is teaming with Lockheed Martin and Cisco to integrate the voice assistant into NASA's Orion spacecraft as part of a pilot program. 

The U.S. space agency is testing the benefits of far-field voice technology, AI and tablet-based video collaboration can have for future astronauts. 

The collaboration, nicknamed Callisto, uses Alexa and Webex by Cisco to test and demonstrate commercial technology for deep space voice, video and whiteboarding communications. 

"Callisto will demonstrate a first-of-its-kind technology that could be used in the future to enable astronauts to be more self-reliant as they explore deep space," said Lisa Callahan, vice president and general manager of Commercial Civil Space for Lockheed Martin, which built the Orion spacecraft. 

Unmanned Test Flight

The first test flight will be the unmanned Artemis 1 mission around the moon and back to earth. Since the mission won't have any astronauts, the Callisto team worked with NASA to build a virtual crew experience at the agency's space center in Houston. 

Operators will interact with the AI voice program remotely to simulate what it may be like on future missions. 

Amazon in Space

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has his own space ambitions through his Blue Origin company. 

In 2021, Blue Origin blasted three different crews into space, marking the first time in history civilians left the earth's atmosphere. 

The company plans to return Americans to the surface of the Moon, according to Blue Origin's website and envisions people living and working in space.